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Efficient solutions for photorealistic visualization

We are a tech startup that aims to improve the communication process between architects, construction companies and clients by providing intelligent visualization solutions through Virtual Reality. We are using cutting-edge gaming technologies to make large content photorealistic presentations more efficient than ever before.

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Have more control over your project

Immerse your clients in a world where they can experience how your designs feel like, and save time on feedback sessions by letting them explore each detail.


Deliver an impressive experience where your clients can assemble and try out their ideas without the physical limitations that come with the real-world.

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Modern gaming technology makes it now possible to extract photorealistic material – from images to 360 ° captures and videos at the touch of a button and within seconds.


Take advantage of the technological advances to be more convincing and build trust with an unforgettable experience that places the client at the center of your design.

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Our work process

Get more content with the same amount of resources


Send us the 3D model – With efficient communication, we establish your needs and marketing goals, become familiar with your model and find a solution that will fit your demand.
Our team will help you assemble your design concepts, as well as assess and prioritize your design requirements in relation to your objectives.



We have developed an efficient process to import your model to a gaming platform and develop it into virtual experiences that bring you and your clients closer to the project.
We might go through several feed-back sessions until we reach your expectations, as the purpose is to evaluate and decide if you need to reshape or adjust the outcome.



The deployment is the most important aspect of the entire process, as this makes it possible for your clients to experience the finished product on all devices, from mobile to console and PC.
Your clients can explore the whole project in virtual reality through web tours created from 360 captures or walkthrough 3D applications where you can interact in real time.

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Target sectors

We do our best to meet your expectations
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Make your design process more efficient

How much time do you spend on feedback sessions to communicate your designs? Now you can invite your clients inside their future project and let them explore its full potential. Speed up your design process by letting your clients better understand your decisions, while increasing their satisfaction.

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Real Estate Developers
Give your presentation a storytelling touch

Accelerate your sales process by engaging your clients in impressive virtual tours of the yet unfinished property. Provide the freedom to customize their interior design dream by changing between finishes and furniture options. You can stand out from the crowd by offering an experience that is believable to the human mind.

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Furniture Designers
Enable an unlimited number of trials

Interactive virtual reality applications allow your clients to assemble their interior design ideas and experience them in a real-time scenario. Offer them a library of your products to choose what they feel fit their needs in a virtual world, before they order the product.

Some of our projects

We are glad to have worked on some great projects
Project Example
Lake villas

Two exclusive Scandinavian houses on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

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Project Example
Innovation house

A dwelling that harmoniously combines both business and residential purposes.

Project Example
Posthouse Brædstrup

The refurbishment of the old posthouse in Brædstrup will give a new, fresh atmosphere to the city center.

Project Example
Farm house

An extravagant residence inspired by the country mansions of the Danish nobility.

Project Example
Summerhouse in Turkey

A luxorious oasis that combines a bohemian atmosphere with Scandinavian simplicity.

Project Example
Frame house

An imposing house with sharp lines, high contrasts and modern, Nordic feeling.


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