The refurbishment of the old posthouse in Brædstrup will give a new, fresh atmosphere to the city center
Posthouse in Brædstrup
The challenge

The refurbishment of the Posthouse in Brædstrup is one of the main projects in the plan to boost Brædstrups´ popularity in the following years. The old posthouse has been converted into a new café at the ground floor as well as 4 modern apartments on the upper level. The client needed a visualization service for marketing purposes.

The solution

As the aspect of the building hasn´t been changed much, our visualization service comprised of a few 2D images that focused mostly on the exterior changes. The architect wanted to bring the old railway in front of the posthouse and to add a second entrance with an additional terrace, so it was necessary to see how everything fits together. Nevertheless, the visualizations have been used for marketing purposes and building site banners.

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